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How long will the CORE run my equipment?

The answer to this is always: it depends! You can see some of our predicted runtimes for different pieces of equipment on our individual product pages, but battery usage is tricky to calculate 100% accurately because so much depends on the specific piece of tech you’re running.

We are happy to help you with this process. Please contact us with specific questions and include the wattage of your equipment.

Is there anything the CORE can't run?

Different Gridless CORE products are sized for different power requirements. For example, our 1k model has a 2000W surge, which is large enough to start small hand tools but not professional-grade construction equipment. Both the continuous and surge power requirements of a piece of equipment are factors in determining the CORE’s ability to run it. 

How long does the CORE take to charge?

This depends on the type of charger you are using. Examples below are for the CORE 1k:

  • Gridless Standard Charger: 4 hours from a standard AC outlet
  • Gridless Fast Charger: From a standard outlet, 1 CORE in 1 hour or 4 CORES in 4 hours
  • Gridless Auto Charger: Dependent on the vehicle, between 3 and 5 hours
  • Gridless Solar Charger: This depends on 1) how many solar panels you have (up to 4) and 2) the weather conditions
    • In Full Sun: 5 hours with one solar panel, 1.5 hours with four solar panels
    • In Shade: Charging time varies. Our solar panels are very sensitive, but all solar charging struggles in cloudy conditions
How is the CORE different from a generator?

Generators create energy by burning fuel, like a car engine. Generators have several drawbacks that make them un-ideal as the only solution for deployed energy:

  • Very Noisy
  • Dependent on a steady fuel supply
  • Dangerous Emissions – people die from generator fumes every day
  • “Dirty” power that can damage sensitive equipment

The CORE, on the other hand, does not create energy but stores it from other sources during the charging process, like a big bucket of power that can be used over and over. The CORE has many advantages:

  • Whisper-quiet
  • Emissions-free
  • Not dependent on fuel
  • Produces Pure Sine power for a consistent power level that will not damage equipment
Can the CORE power my house?

Though we don’t recommend using our system as a stand-alone backup system for your home, the CORE can be an incredible tool for you and your family or business in the event of a disaster. The CORE will not power a whole house, but should the power go out, the CORE can keep devices, lighting, and critical equipment powered on-demand. With solar charging, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel like you would with a generator, and you can easily take the CORE with you in the event that you need to change locations quickly.

Will the CORE stand up to the elements?

Yes. The CORE has proven itself invaluable to disaster relief teams and first responders for its reliability and durability. It is rain, snow, and weather-resistant, with a rugged shock-resistant case.

Do not submerge the CORE in water, puncture the case, or allow moisture or debris into the vents. 


Can I purchase a CORE as an individual?

We do not sell COREs to consumers, but we have a rental partnership with Herc Rentals that will allow you to rent a CORE at a competitive rate for both short- and long-term projects.

I am with a government agency. Can I purchase a CORE?

The CORE is available on many federal and state contracts such as GSA and SEWP. Please contact us if there is a purchasing vehicle your agency prefers using, and we will work with your department to make the process as easy as possible.

I have a question about renting the CORE.

Rental rates for Gridless equipment are available through our rental partner, Herc Rentals. Visit our Rentals page for details.

I have a problem with my order.

Contact our ordering department for assistance.

+1 866-232-8516 x3

We will be happy to help.

I believe my product has a defect.

Our warranty covers manufacturers’ defects for up to two years. For further coverage, you may purchase an upgraded, extended warranty. Please contact us for details.


The CORE isn't powering my equipment.

There are a few things that could be happening:

  1. The CORE is not charged. Charge the CORE to full capacity and see if that solves the problem.
  2. The AC inverter has not been activated. When using the AC plugs, you must first press the AC button on the right side of the screen in order to turn on the inverter.
  3. Your equipment may have too high of a surge for the CORE to handle. If your equipment has a surge higher than 2000W, it is not compatible with the CORE.

If you have tried these options and the CORE is still not working, call our support team.

Are there maintenance or storage requirements?

Unlike most battery systems, Gridless products do not need regular maintenance. While CORE will last for thousands of cycles without degrading at all, we do recommend that, if storing the CORE for very long periods of time, you charge the battery around once a year to make sure you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

What kind of batteries do you use?

We use a subset of lithium chemistry that is extremely durable and safe in our Gridless CORE batteries. This formulation has the benefits of a standard lithium ion battery (relatively lightweight and long-lasting) without the drawbacks (volatile and susceptible to fire). We use only the highest quality batteries that require virtually no maintenance and will last for thousands of cycles.

Can you make custom adjustments to the CORE?

We frequently do custom work for government organizations and large companies. Please contact us for details.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here.

Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you. 


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