High-Volume Phone Charging

The Challenge

When disaster strikes, power is often the first thing to go out. A smartphone is one of the most useful tools in this scenario – it can act as a flashlight, a radio, a wifi hotspot, and most importantly a tool for contacting family and loved ones and keeping up-to-date with safety information. Unfortunately, smartphone batteries are bound to run out of charge.

The Solution

A single Gridless CORE 1k can provide emergency phone charging for families, businesses, disaster relief organizations, and everyone in between. The CORE can charge a multitude of phones on a single charge, and when coupled with solar and vehicle accessories it can be used to power a longer-term charging station with access to continuous power. 

Putting the CORE to the test

phones charged to 25%

phones charged to 50%

phones fully charged


Use Anywhere

Whisper-quiet operation, a rugged and weather-resistant case  and no emissions means that the CORE can be used inside or outside.


All-Day Power

The CORE 1k can provide hours of emergency charging power, keeping people connected in the midst of natural disasters and emergencies.

Build a Self-Sustaining Charging Station

Use solar panels or a vehicle to charge the CORE indefinitely, and stay powered even during extended outages.

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