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Powering Crowded Spaces

The Challenge

Events large and small require power to run smoothly. Whether it’s an outdoor concert with lots of audio equipment or a smaller event in an off-beat venue, power needs can dictate the success of an event. Long extension cords create tripping hazards, and generators are noisy, bulky, and cannot be used indoors. 

The Solution

The Gridless can provide targeted power for events, helping to run everything from sound stages and lights to catering and even event security needs. Use the Gridless indoors or outdoors, and place it right where you need it – no more extension cords running across people’s path.

Case Study Coming Soon

industry Standard LED Lights

hours shooting on our lightweight test set

hours of continuous power possible


battery remaining at the end of the day



Whisper Quiet

No noise means no complicated soundwalls and no re-recording scenes because of bad audio.


All-Day Power

The Gridless 1250 can power a standard 3-light setup for eight hours, and can reach up to 90 hours depending on light settings and power requirements.


Multiple Charging Options

The Gridless can be charged via a wall outlet when on set, and can run off of solar panels or an idling vehicle while on location.

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