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Rethinking Generator Power

The Challenge

When filmmakers shoot in on location, they take with them all their equipment – and their batteries and cords. Remotely powering a film shoot is tricky. In remote locations, generators are smelly and noisy, requiring sound walls and extension cords to avoid affecting the entire production. How do you make on-set power more convenient?

The Solution

Using our battery system, rather than a generator, for on-set power means being able to keep vital equipment powered with no fumes, virtually no noise, and no need for fuel, in a lightweight and ruggedized package. The CORE provides filmmakers, news vans, and anyone who needs to power a remote work setup with a convenient and reliable solution.

Our Test Results

industry standard LED lights

hours shooting on our lightweight test set

hours of continuous power possible


battery remaining at the end of the day



Whisper Quiet

No noise means no complicated soundwalls and no re-recording scenes because of bad audio.

All-Day Power

The Gridless 1250 can power a standard 3-light setup for eight hours, and can reach up to 90 hours depending on light settings and power requirements.

Multiple Charging Options

The Gridless can be charged via a wall outlet when on set, and can run off of solar panels or an idling vehicle while on location.

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Gridless For Film

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