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Gridless Power was voted a 2016 Stellar StartUp Award Winner in the Technology category by the Philadelphia Inquirer. A quote from the accompanying article and a link to the full text can be found below.

At Gridless Power, the Stellar StartUps win represents welcome “exposure” for the Collingswood company, formed four years ago by three friends since elementary school: Patrick Murphy, Jason Halpern, and Andrew Leonard, all 29. Their portable battery packs have largely been used by the Department of Defense, consequently “we couldn’t talk about what we’re doing, so networking was hard,” said Murphy, president of Gridless.

Halpern said Hurricane Sandy presented “our big aha moment” – that Gridless’ battery systems, powered by solar and virtually every other energy source, could play an important role in natural disasters. Since then, the company has expanded to a variety of uses, from construction projects to concerts. A nationwide launch of a rental program is planned by January, so Stellar StartUps “couldn’t come at a better time for us to get the word out,” Murphy said.

The Philadelphia Inquirer