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Power You Can Depend On

Industry Grade Battery Systems Built to Provide Portable Off-Grid Power

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Green Solar Power

When it comes to portable power, existing options generate emissions that wreak havoc on the environment. Gridless products can charge via solar and can even make standard generators run more efficiently. No matter how you charge them, Gridless technology will last longer and run cleaner.

Power Without Problems

Simple: No Permits

No permits necessary. Just plug in like a normal outlet.

Safe: No Fumes

No dangerous fumes allows for indoor operation.

Quiet: No Noise

No loud background noise during your event.

Sustainable: No Fuel

Say goodbye to gasoline – with solar, you’ll never run out of fuel.

Emergency Response Teams

Trusted by disaster response teams, fire departments, police, and aid organizations across the world for its rugged reliable power. Gridless units are weather-, shock-, and drop-resistant and reliable enough to power life-saving medical equipment, telecom, security, and other critical equipment during an emergency.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

“The CORE added so much more flexibility to what I was able to do. If I wanted to go outdoors, or somebody had a battery issue with their camera, we were covered.”

Jordan Israel, Filmmaker at Real Life Dream Visuals

Festivals and Concerts

Ditch your noisy, dirty generator for clean batteries designed to reliably power your gig. Gridless systems are perfect for performances everywhere from remote locations to dense urban areas where wiring and permitting become costly.

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