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Gridless RM

The portable rack-mounted power solution

Gridless RM

The portable rack-mounted power solution

A Rack-Mountable Power Solution

The Gridless RM provides power for any mobile operations team or other rack-mounted application, letting you take serious vehicle-ready power with you anywhere.

Power You Can Trust

Gridless products are trusted by federal, regional, and local emergency response teams to deliver critical power.

Stay Online

The Gridless RM can power satellite uplinks, remote wifi and 3G hotspots, and more to keep your team connected.

Expanded Capabilities

Federal emergency response agencies have used the Gridless to expand their vehicle fleet battery runtimes by more than 38x.

Low Maintenance

The Gridless RM can handle daily use for 5-10 years, and there are no battery maintenance requirements or cycle limits.

Technical Specifications

High Capacity, Durable LiFePO4 Battery
+ 2000Wh true capacity
+ 2000-3000 cycles

Powerful Outputs
+ 2500W continuous, 5000W surge AC output
+ 8X IP66 USB Ports, 2.1A Each

Rapid, 2 Hour Charging Speed
+ 1000W total charging power
+ 4X 9A DC charging channels
+ 1X 15A AC charging channel

Durable and Rack-Mount Ready
+ 142lbs, 24” x 19” x 14”
+ Rack-mountable 6U sliding case

Smart and Connected
+ Simple, automatic controls
+ Advanced predictive SOC calculations
+ Wired and wireless remote monitoring

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