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The Gridless Sentry providing an overview of a jobsite in Camden, NJ


Construction sites pose many security challenges, from theft and vandalism to project management and liability issues. The value of stolen construction equipment falls between $300 million and $1 billion, with less than 25% ever getting recovered. Conventional security guards are expensive and have limited ability to watch the entire site. Camera systems are much more cost effective but are often limited in where they can be deployed.

No Power? No Problem.

You can’t run a security camera without power. A generator can keep a job site running during the day, but it gets turned off at night, so it’s not a reliable power source for security. The Gridless Sentry overcomes these problems with batteries and a solar panel.  It can keep your security operational and your job site safe. The Sentry will run for 4-6 days off a single charge without solar, and with a properly sized solar panel it can go completely off-grid for 5+ years without needing maintenance or a battery swap.

Wireless Connection


The Gridless Sentry connects over LTE for live video streaming. The Sentry’s camera provides video compression, making the camera stream low bandwidth. There’s no need for each job site to have expensive servers or long cable runs to connect the cameras. The system has 30-120 days of on-board video storage, all of which can be viewed remotely from a cloud platform.

Keep an eye on your job site remotely on your phone wherever you are with an easy-to-use app. Sharing video between users is as easy as forwarding a link. 


The Sentry can come with one or two cameras equipped.  


cloud backend for remote monitoring

Infinite Runtime

with solar charging no infrastructure required


camera and battery

More Features

Waterproof: The Gridless Sentry is built into a rugged, waterproof NEMA enclosure. Built to withstand the elements.

Easy to Install: Mount the system on a pole and view your cameras in minutes.

HD Video Quality: 3MP Camera, 2048×1536 Resolution

Remote Access: Cloud monitoring made simple. View all your cameras remotely on a phone or laptop. 

No Wires: No need to connect to external power, servers, or anything else.

The Sentry in Action 

Viewing a job site in Camden, NJ from the cloud platform. The Sentry streams live video to a cloud platform. You can view the cameras remotely via phone or computer.

Night vision. Perfect whether you’re preventing theft, or just monitoring nighttime job progress. Keep an eye on your job site any time of day.

You can also view historical footage through the cloud. Motion detection and highlighting makes it easy to find movement. It can differentiate between vehicles and people as well.

Want to learn more about how Gridless is used for security? Give us a call or email info@gridless.com


You Can “Bring Your Own Camera”

If there’s a specific camera your organization uses for security, Gridless can swap the on-board cameras provided in the Sentry to virtually any wireless security camera. Gridless battery technology can provide power for any off-grid site, regardless of your security and surveillance needs.